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So, now that you know us a little better, stop by our Las Vegas, NV store located at E Flamingo Road! We’d love to get to know you. Read Less. Nearby stores. AT&T Store - Authorized Retailer Best on the Boulevard hereuloadu5.gaon: E Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, , NV.
So, now that you know us a little better, stop by our Las Vegas, NV store located at E Flamingo Road! We’d love to get to know you. Read Less. Nearby stores. AT&T Store - Authorized Retailer Best on the Boulevard hereuloadu5.gaon: E Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, , NV.
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About AT&T store in Las Vegas, NV. Looking for the hottest new device or an awesome accessory? Our Beltway S Eastern Store location has got you covered. We’re your one-stop shop in Las Vegas, NV. We have phones, tablets, wearable Read More. Looking for the hottest new device or an awesome accessory? Our Beltway S Eastern Store location Location: S Eastern Ave #, Las Vegas, , NV.
8 rows · So, now that you know us a little better, stop by our Las Vegas, NV store located at S Location: S Durango Drive Suite , Las Vegas, , NV.
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AT&T Las Vegas NV locations, hours, phone number, map and driving directions.

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At verizon you can walk into the store and get a phone right there no waiting. That does provide a sim card with the phone. I went cell phone shopping today and decided to look into a new service provider. I walked in and it was like pulling teeth to get help. The manager and security guard had to finally yell at one of the employees to help me…I was NOT impressed. They did not jump on me like car salesmen but, even though they had MANY customers waiting I got noticed after a few seconds and was asked to sign in and told someone would be with me shortly.

The manager kept coming by to check on me and kept asking if I was ok, needed help or anything. He helped me and made the process easy and painless…needless to say I chose Verizon!

I have been with a few other companies since the wireless phone made its debut and will never leave Verizon. Sounds like the people who have owned all services prefer Verizon!!! No contest on coverage, customer service even though as all big companies you do have to listen to the damn computer for awhile , and phones.

Cdma is the better tech than old school GSM. Sprint is also CDMA but with far fewer towers since they run on pcs mghz. Remember Verizon just purchased Alltel. Means more towers on the already best network!!! I just recently switched from ATT to Verizon…. I bought my phone last December. It is really frustrating to talk to them too.

You have to make sure you keep contacting them about the rebate otherwise they conveniently forget! I never had that kind of trouble with Verizon!!! I bought my new phone over the phone.

They sent it to me fast but the rebate was not included. They ended up telling me that I threw it out myself without noticing the form. After contacting them, they figured out, it was never put it and they promised again to process is…. Get a smartphone and you can do whatever you want free apps, etc. They refunded me the entire thing and even compensated me for the problem. I was one day late on a payment and they turned off my cell my only phone.

I switched to VZW and have no problems. Oh and fyi, verizon is mostly owned by saudi arabia. All VZW customer service reps are in the u. Please do not get it twisted. Friends and Family beats everything.. I have been a Verizon customer for a number of years, and aside from them having the most expensive service, I really did not notice anything outstanding.

I live in the northeast NY metropolitan area and for all the years and through all the different phones that I had with Verizon, my phone reception was always intermittent at work middle of Manhattan, no less and home.

I am very happy with my phone and reception now. Currently the have the best selection on quality phones. A cell phone is something I depend on in a daily basis so I want to get great quality. Their customer service is always friendly and willing to do whats in their power to help me out financially. I had Verizon Wireless for the past 4 months and I recently dropped out because I was able to get out of my contract for free.

I switched due to lack of service in my home. I know get full service in my home which I never had with any other providers that I have tried in the past Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile Another thing that bugged me with Verizon was the fact that they locked everything on there phones.

I had a blackberry and they locked simple things like GPS!!! I really think you just need to test out and see what works best for you at your home. Well I am about to have an interview with verizon. I checked out this site for some intel. I was suprised by the comments that seem to lean towards Verizon as the better of the two big dogs. I see verizon as a Safeway and maybe Att as a Wal-Mart. Especially in regards to customer service. Prices are a toss up and coverage goes to Verizon by a long shot.

Now for many of these folks that commented, they were held to att mainly due to the Iphone. And that sounds like that might be changing here soon as Verizon might aquire Iphones as well.

From the looks of this site I would say that from these two giants, Verizon has beat Att by a fairly decent margin. It has gone to the score cards and verizon has one 2 to 1 for this battle. There will be more battles ahead and it will be interesting to see what companies just get it with this new economy. Their coverage and customer service have been improved a lot in past 5 years in my area NJ. I want a family plan with unlimited data and messaging features.

It turns out that verizon is 10 dollars more per month as compared to ATT. However, the price are same from both carriers if you want a family plan with only unlimited messaging feature. Verizon offer 65 up plan for seniors. This 65 up plan is more expensive than the cheapest family plan from ATT. Personally i think ATT is better off for people who travels a lot and for those who love iphones.

If ATT has the phone i want, i will not consider switching to verizon for sure. Ok all kidding aside — I live in bethlehem, pa and commute mostly into NJ morris plains etc. So I take rt 78 corridor. What is the coverage situation on that route there for ATT. Coverage on Vz is great but am I so love the new iphone 3g s.

If you are an iPhone lover, then stay with ATT. But for the rest of the people that need it to call, check email once in a while and text, Verizon is a better deal. As for the coverage, I had better coverage with Verizon than ATT but i think it all depends where you live and what kind of phone you carry. Customer service has been good with me for both companies. If you plan to do any traveling by car or otherwise spend time outside of major cities, check the coverage areas.

Verizon covers much more of the country according to the maps. Customer service is always nice, they listen, say that they are sorry we are having trouble and nothing is ever better.

When we are on the road it is not uncommon to not be able to get on line or make a call going N on the interstate but coming back S we can do both, What kind of sense does that make. Many people in Oklahoma City just think it is normal to have dropped calls in the metro area so put up with it. Just because the coverage map shows the service is good here we get no help. Our computer wireless is also terrible!! We had no problems with Verizon customer service but only had to call them times in 5 years.

Our daughter here has trouble with calls, too. I think that with so many of the complaints I see here are really people that are just confused, especially around billing. From experience I can tell you that some people are just really stupid and just never under their bill or usage.

If you call them — they are incredibly helpful. I have minutes for 4 family members and we never use them up. Just switched to VZ 3 days ago and the store managet told me that they infact do work on comission.

There rebates come on a preloaded card??? I paid in cash I expect cash back! It took 4 trips to the VZ to get our phones because each time the needed more paperwork for our business acct. I am seriously thinking that we made a mistake leaving ATT. Att said it would take at least 6 weeks to move form Hawk to just ATT and that is if we stayed on top of Hawk about the transfer!

Never again will I go with a secondary provider! Would love the Iphone just because it would be one gadget instead of carrying phone and ipod not to mention day planner.

When they did the data transfer it was useless! I traveled throughout the US and was happy most of the time. I switched to Verizon. I moved and service was better. I moved again and now I cannot get any service in my house. They said they would send a truck out and call me within 3 days. I called after a week.

I am a PC user and several apps I use are Windows based. However, iphone does have a lot of apps I would additionally use, and ease of navigation is a plus. I hate learning new phones. This way I can be sure to have good coverage for where I travel. Verizon and Att are in all reality the same as coverage wise….. If you go to websites like phonescoop and look at verizon phones compared to att phones, verizon can not compare.

The specs on att phones are much greater quality then verizons, aslo att has a much faster 3g network then verizon, so if youu are looking for speed choose att, and did i mention they have alot more smartphones to choose from as well, Iphone. But verizon is way overrated. I live in the central AR. I got the blackberry storm when i switched to verizon. Their useless if they wont work right with the service. I guess it just depends on where you live and what your coverage map looks like compared to others.

Oour floor support is poorly trained with addition to unattainable goals. I know service varies state to state. Verizon wireless works where I need it to work ,even in the back roads. Great service, great signal! We recently had family members switch to verizon. Just been a few days, no complaints yet. Time will tell, I guess. ATT has nothing like this, much to my chagrin. Rest of the world using GSM. So-Verizon in the stone age.

Ok-now you do the math loooool. They have no right to be cocky and rude when I am their customer willing to pay extra for a phone, they know that they are the only ones who carry the phones and so they are tooo cocky about it. I went with them of course. They were not rude at all and were very helpful. Are you kidding me? Overall, the prices are similar in plans. The only big difference is that with Verizon, once you start to add features such as navigation, your bill starts to go up and eventually you are paying more than with other carriers.

I also agree that any carrier that does not use the Sim card technology sucks. Wow some of the posters are really clueless. One poster mentions how prices and plans are similar and that person is correct. They then go on about how expensive Verizon gets when you start adding navigation and other options.

It ends up being the same price as Verizon? How did that happen? As for CDMA being old and outdated. Well its a proven fact that the Verizon network has more coverage in the U. Google is your friend. And for those still being critical then good news! LTE the 4G network which uses a sim based phone is already launching in numerous U. With many more next year. Less 3G and voice coverage. More dropped voice and data calls. Well I hate how whenever there are two good cell phone companies, it turns into a fight about which one is better.

But it also helps customers get the network that they would like. If you like your network, great! It just automatically sends u a text for FREE about how many minutes you have, how much your payment will be at the end of the month. You have to subscribe for some of them, but it is still nice to have. Definetly not on coverage. In fact recent tests by various companies, people, and services have put Verizon 1 in consistent and faster download speeds.

You obviously have no clue what you are talking about. Verizon just announced LTE is launching in Boston and Seattle this fall, and in over 30 markets early next year. When was the last time you could talk as many as 5 people on an Idividual Plan or 10 people on a Family Plan while calling another carrier or landline unlimited during the week and not at night without using your minutes?

Change plans and features, add up to 5 phone numbers and 5 text message numbers to be blocked for free, interact with others on the official Verizon forums, and so on. So move along fanboy. My uncle had altel until verizon bought them out and he is a truck driver and he hates verizon. He gets horrible service and when i talk to him on the road its miserable for both of us. But, honestly i would say its more of a user error than the carriers fault. Its we as the customer get locked into these contracts without reading them or asking questions.

They are there to give us what we want. We are repsonsible for asking questions. As far as customer service goes, most of the problems with them are because we as the customer do not listen completely either to how things work, warranty, ins. So, next time when you go wireless service shopping, write down all the questions, ask, get names of reps, and really listen to what they say and once you do that…then see how your service with that carrier, including customer service, is then.

They have 10 times better coverage in my area than Sprint does which I had a contract with before. I guess the coverage thing depends on where you are. ATT gets my thumbs up. Am in a Pickle and wish I knew what to do but all I can say is everyone is telling me to go to verizon. I have been unemployed for 4 months and its getting worse out there. That phone was ok until it started recieving a lot of dropped calls. I must admit though I dropped it plenty. Everyone on any plan probably are not honest with all the weigh ins when their devices stop working and they blame it oon the carrier.

A phone on any plan rarely ever stops working unless caused by user error or been dropped on the floor or in water. But most carriers now dont even ask if you did either of those. But what they wont do is give you a phone. All I can say is all corporate companies have their pros and cons and my decision today will be based on what I can afford instead of service when I feel verizon has the best 3g network period.

I believe all the carriers suffer from this and its unfortunate in the US that we pay people very low money to do a job like phone customer service. Jake Kimble from Bullish Bankers, recently wrote an informative article on the two companies. Going forward though, VZ seems to be putting itself in a much better position than its competitor. The company continues to build out its FiOS fiber optic network. FiOS is a fiber-to-the-premises network FTTP supported by lightning fast fiber optics, which are considered to be a huge upgrade from the traditional coaxial cables currently in use, and should be the way of the future.

This shortcut limits the speed of the data carried across the line. Verizon continues to build this network out and is finding cheaper ways to do so as it goes.

As bandwidth continues to grow and consumers increasingly demand higher quality data and video, VZ? Furthermore, VZ has also taken a forward-looking perspective on the wireless front, as it continues to develop its 4G network.

This network will handle more wireless services and with better speed and quality than 3G. I wish there were no cell phones at all. Where do I start? The quality of customer service from Verizon is contingent upon the attitude and enthusiasm of the staff.

I had to return to a store times during 3 months to rectify the issues with my bill. One was a hidden fee. I was charged for using a game demo. How can you get charged for using a demo? Store clerk told me I went into get it now so I was charged with data usage. My other issues were with the free VZ nav for a month. I was credited for the VZ nav,but owned up for using get it now since I dont have the data plan.

When it comes to phones,yea VZ has cooler looking phones. Touch screens are frustrating. I should have simply got a BB like my friend and he says he doesnt have any problems. I am so frustrated that on my very important calls I use a satellite phone just like in the middle of the desert! Is Verizon better or I might have to use the satellite phone again in the middle of BH?

I havent had any dropped calls with Verizon. Only some static when talking to people on crappy networks like tmobile and nextel. Another great idea would be for people to trade in their old unwanted cell phones to receive a discount on purchasing a new one. It works with cars so why not with cell phones?

They all just want to sell you cell phones that will eventually have problems whereas manipulating you into paying full price for a new phone.

If you dont want to do that the company still wins with a early termination fee if you cancel your service. I started with verizon about 14 years ago when they bought out Prime CO.

The best part about verizon is the back up assistant which allow automotic backup of your contacts. It only took 1 time for me to lose my phone with all of my contacts to realize that I am a verizon customer forever….

I have had both…. The minutes just accumulate and are wasted. I am very sure that I am going to switch to Verizon but could people give me info on T-Mobile? Hey Paul, So how is it to live in the middle of snobtown? Oh, I forgot, you already told us! I am confused now. May be I should switch someday to Verizon. No more Verizon Wireless for me. CDMA is totally avoidable. The phones do not work overseas, there are not portable to other networks.

Get a Quadband phone which is unlocked and you can benefit from complete flexibility and freedom! But att has some good phones i guess??? I probably used a quarter of all the time I spent talking with people asking what they just said.

And I spent a LOT of time talking on my phone. I could not have an hour long conversation with a friend without the phone cutting out at least six times. Six was the lowest number of times of all for an hour.

Then, after it cuts out which will happen, by the way, even when my phone went from one bar to three , it gives three VERY loud, high-pitched beeps. I figured I may go deaf from using this phone! I plan to order the LG enV Touch.

I can honestly say that I am sick of them altogether. My wife and I recently got the family plan to add her sister while staying with us in America. The plan is 80 bucks, 9. After all of their hidden fees and taxes and God knows what else, our bill should be about What was it last month?

I got charged I used to have unlimited texting for a long time with no problems. Verizon here I come! Quite the opposite here. Since switching to Verizon in Western PA, our family has had many missed calls going straight to voice mail without any missed call notification.

At best we have one bar at our home, no service in the garage or basement. His old GSM phone worked everywhere he traveled. I have had Verizon for 7 years and have had great service. There customer service is second to none. Just like Ford vs Chevy…everyone has there opinion. Verizon will beat anyother service nation wide hands down. I have never had a problem with my bill, plan, phone or service. Yes I have heard complaints, but I think Verizon is awesome.

There customer service is among the worst. I need my phone to be reliable, that is why I am staying with Verizon. My parents live in a valley, and when I go to visit them, I have perfect service there as well. With Sprint, you can have a texting package for however much a month, depending on what you get.

You have to pay for a media package date plan? Two seperate packages, meaning more money. With Verizon, text messaging plans cover texting, picture messaging AND video messaging. I have the unlimited texting plan and no internet. I have no use for the internet. I went on vacation to the Outter Banks North Carolina recently with a friend and the whole time, she had little or no service, but my Verizon always had service, full bars usually.

I could never figure out anything on her phone. She had me trying to figure out how to change certain settings on her phone and where her pictures were going when she saved them.

We found the pictures after a while, never did figure out the phone settings though. The cable guy came last May to install our cable and when he had to call his office, he pulled out his Nextel and walked around the room trying to get service. I laughed and offered my Verizon, which had perfect service. One more thing about Verizon. If there is something wrong with your phone, they replace it on the spot in the store. My brother dropped his phone the enV 2 off the roof a few weeks ago.

We went to the Verizon store and they gave him a free replacement on the spot for no charge. Not only has Verizon always been fair and understanding with my family, but they are also incredible nice. We have been with Verizon since , and I will never have another phone service, ever. So, this is where you make the big decision.

If you want a crappy phone with crappy, if any, service, get Sprint or Nextel. And I still had two bars. I can still do that with my T5 by hot syncing on my PC. Just a lame excuse to extort money off me. I am extremely happy with my service. We are in a town approx. Neither can my friends with different phones. The phones are great! GSM gives you a huge amount of phones to chose from, especially if you purchase an unlocked phone. Their phones are stripped and loaded with what Verizon wants you to have.

Everything else, you will pay extra. They are helpful, polite and the few small issues I had over the years were resolved on the spot. Outer Banks in NC, that is simply not true. We just went there earlier this year and had a solid signal. I use my phone for business and depend on it. Choosing a wireless provider may involve factors such as availability, cost and personal preference.

Do not go with T-Mobile. By far the worst service, coverage, and customer service I have ever had to deal with. Plus verizon customer service sucks. I was dealt with quickly in both stores.. The customer service has been excellent. Coverage has inproved here on the edge of the western us..

Ok the dumbest point is verizon on commission??? Verizon network is one of the best. Their customer service sucks. Then decided to switch to Verizon because they had a phone I liked. How bad could it be right? I never had so many dropped calls when I was with ATT. Decided to try T-Mobile. This was only marginally better. Have been back with ATT for almost 4 years now, and something is going to have to go drastically wrong for me to leave.

Check it out, its all true! Try the one-on-one training class at the apple store, they will teach you the ins and outs of the phone, wow! It really does come with great customer service, huh!?! Just make sure you pick up an apple care plan for extra first class service. S cause they might care. S but if you are a total DICK how do you expect us to be with you… Treat people good so you can be treated better. But if I had to choose which is better overall, att all the way!

It sounds like someone is bitter about their job. In all honesty as a cell user for many years I can say a lot of frustration over cell phone provider services is well deserved. You say that customers are easily replaceable?

That is so wrong. The executives and other higher ups at the cell phone companies know this and this is why millions are spent each year to keep and get new customers. When there are so many choices for providers you make sure as a competing company you can stay in the game. If any one in this large spectrum is replaceable it is sales reps like you that come a dime a dozen.

Especially when the economy is so bad and and jobs are scarce. I have had so many problems with my phones with Verizon… Had to replace 1 phone 4 times and still didnt work so I had to get a different phone… I never have reception in my house but outside and almost anywhere else its great. Honestly the only reason I am going back customer service sucks!!! Coming up in Verizon will be the only Wireless Carrier in the U.

Your phones keep breaking? Stop getting a cheap phone!!! Spend the extra dollar and get something that the Verizon Agents recommend or that has great reviews online. There is NO network in the U. S that compares to Verizon on coverage and reliability. ATT is the better choice. The Iphone is the king of cell phones and Verizon had nothing to counter with, even Sprint attempted with the Palm Pre. Also having GSM Phones helps with a smoother transfer of devices where with Verizon it takes 10 minutes with Customer service.

A couple more snarky remarks and I was out of there. Called ATT and received nothing but sincerity and helpfulness. Customer service IS a strong selling point…at least for me. Do I get rude customers? Do I like them? However, I think a lot of folks here are justified in saying that a lot of times customer service sucks because the truth is that a lot of these jobs hire from the lowest rung in the employment chain.

I was laid off from my regular job, which is how I ended up a CSR, but surprisingly I like doing the work. I have been an ATT customer for many many years. ATT has been a company that has great marketing but lousy signal strength and coverage.

Compare Providers

So, now that you know us a little better, stop by our Las Vegas, NV store located at W Sahara! We’d love to get to know you. Read Less. Nearby stores. AT&T Store - Location: W Sahara, Las Vegas, , NV. 8 rows · So, now that you know us a little better, stop by our Las Vegas, NV store located at S Location: S Durango Drive Suite , Las Vegas, , NV. About AT&T store in Las Vegas, NV. Looking for the hottest new device or an awesome accessory? Our Boca Park Store location has got you covered. We’re your one-stop shop in Las Vegas, NV. We have phones, tablets, wearables, and m Read More. Looking for the hottest new device or an awesome accessory? Our Boca Park Store location has got Location: S Rampart Blvd, Las Vegas, , NV.