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Man and Woman Some people nowadays seem to think that ancient Egyptian women lived in an almost ideal world of equality. This was not the case.

And they like to manipulate and control there woman. Footballer of the Year Top scorers. In the quarter-finals, Egypt were to face Zambia. Egypt national football team results — Egypt won the game 5—4 in penalties, after drawing 0—0, thus becoming champions for the third time since the tournament from

Man and Woman Some people nowadays seem to think that ancient Egyptian women lived in an almost ideal world of equality. This was not the case.
Egyptian men are dashingly handsome and can be quite hot-blooded. They cherish their women and children and value family above all else. Of almost equal importance to them is the time spent with relatives and friends.
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The Role in of Men in Ancient Egyptian Society

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Eleven of his inheritors received one twelfth of the land each and served one month as priest. The last two got only half the amount of land and served just two weeks.

Women could dispose of their own property as they wished 'As for me, I am a free woman of the land of Pharaoh. I brought up these eight servants of yours [i. But see, I am grown old, and see, they are not looking after me in my turn. Whoever of them has aided me, to him I will give of my property, but he who has not given to me, to him I will not give of my property. Even royals had such problems. Somebody, probably her father, was worried about what might happen to the property of princess Makare and made the gods look after her interests: We shall confirm them in the possession of her son of hers, of the son of her son, of her daughter, of the daughter of her daughter, of the child of her child, for all eternity.

Year 20, Month 3 of the Summer Season, day 1. The day the Workman Amonemipet came before the Tribunal of Judges: Then he made a beating, he made a beating [again] and I caused the [ He was found guilty and was caused [ Do not violate a married woman. There was probably little to prevent upper class men from taking advantage of their subordinates with impunity: Psemmut was the servant [ Hatmehit poured drink for lit. It happened one day that the Prophet of Horus-[of-Pe] saw [Hatmehit.

He] desired her very much. He had her brought to his home by force. He slept with her [ An official living sometime in the declining Egypt of the late Ramessides or their successors, listed his attempts at satisfying every whim of his wife: And whereas everybody who came to me, saw me in thy presence. I never received anybody before knowing whether thou wouldst have anything to say to it, saying; "I will act according to thy heart. Women had to be more circumspect in sexual matters than men, even when they were not in a relationship.

Prjmhj, daughter of Senpeteyris wrote a letter to Kolanthion, suggesting that the Amen oracle should be asked about her sexual behaviour: May I be asked in front of Amen! Since I left the house of my husband? At any rate, if women are referred to in texts as having been opened, this means that they had given birth and not that they had lost their virginity as it used to be thought. The wife of a royal scribe committed adultery. Pharaoh ordered her to be seized and On the north side of the house she was bound to a stake and burned alive, and what remained of her was thrown into the Nile.

The elder, Anpu, was married and his wife tried to seduce Bata, who would have none of it. The wife accused him of ill-treatment, after which the angry Anpu tried to kill him. Bata fled and the gods, seeing how lonely he was, created a wife for him who later left him and had him killed. Some of the demotic wisdom literature deals with women in a similar way, expressing distrust of their sexuality and economic abilities, and warns the reader from starting affairs with married women, [ 58 ] which seems to indicate that women had a large degree of independence, both socially and economically.

In one of the stories contained in the Westcar Papyrus Rudidit cuckolded her husband, a priest of Re, with a young man, gave birth to three children and claimed that they were the offspring of Re himself and destined to rule Egypt wisely. After many days Rudidit quarreled with a slave-girl and punished her. And the slave-girl said to those present: Will she do this to me?

Three kings were born to her. I shall go and tell this to the king of Upper and Lower Egypt. And he said to her: Her brother said to her: In the Tale of Truth and Falsehood another gentlewoman met a good-looking young man, had sex with him and then threw him out.

Much later she told her little son that the beggar before her house was his father. According to the following satirical description by Herodotus Diodorus Siculus recounts it as well , Pheros, son of Sesostris became blind: For ten years then he was blind, and in the eleventh year there came to him an oracle from the city of Buto saying that the time of his punishment had expired, and that he should see again if he washed his eyes with the water of a woman who had accompanied with her own husband only and had not had knowledge of other men: The wife of the prophet of Atem came before Pharaoh, saying: One may surmise that the lot of such illegitimate children was a difficult one, in patriarchal societies husbands do not take being cuckolded lightly.

His father's wife adopting him would probably have been a stroke of good luck for the child. There are a few records of men being brought to court for having sex with married women, but it is unclear whether these were cases of sex between consenting partners or rape, and no judgments are known. A few affairs are known from Deir el Medina. The chief workman Pa-neb was apparently somewhat of a ladies' man.

Amen-nakhte, a rival for the office of chief workman and therefore probably not the most reliable of witnesses, tried to get Pa-neb deposed by accusing him of a number of crimes and misdeeds, among them adultery or, as it has been interpreted by some, sexual assault: Pa-neb slept with the lady Tuy when she was the wife of the workman Qenna; he slept with the lady Hel when she was with Pen-dua; he slept with the lady Hel when she was with Hesy-su-neb-ef.

And when he had slept with Hel, he slept with Webkhet, her daughter. And A'o-pekhty, his son, slept with Webkhet himself. He continued being foreman and built his own grave at Deir el Medina. Apart from everyone having to pay a high annual fee of between one and two thousand drachmas, heavy fines were imposed on those who fell foul of the rules. In a letter which the husband of the deceased songstress of Amen Akhtai asked her coffin to transmit to his dead wife, he complains: A blessing for me are mother, father, brother, and sister, for they come; but you have been taken from me O scribes, priests, princes, noblemen and people, you who come to this tomb.

Listen and hear who is buried here. In the year twenty three, in the third month of summer on the first day my father gave me as wife to the High Priest Paherneptah, son of Petubasti. The heart of the priest was heavy, because thrice I became pregnant and gave birth to three daughters. And no son did I bear him. He heard our pleas, because he listens to the entreaties of those who supplicate him.

As a reward I was with child and bore a son in the sixth year, the third month of summer on the fifth day, the first hour of the day, of the reign of Queen Cleopatra, the festival of offerings, we shall offer them to this awesome and esteemed God Imhotep called Petubasti. All shared in my joy. In the sixth year, in the second month of winter on the sixth day I passed to the other side of the Nile.

My husband, the High Priest Paherneptah buried me in the city of the dead. He endowed me with all the holy ceremonies that are due to the righteous. He wrapped me in shrouds of magnificence and splendour. What was the luckless one's age? Light may The earth be on her, may Osiris bestow cooling water.

Most Egyptians had little personal wealth and she was often left with nothing. Unless she had family which could take her in, her life would henceforth be marked by deprivation.

But sometimes the marriage ended in separation: The procedure appears to have been informal. A letter from the late Ramesside period describes how a man announces his intention to divorce his wife by saying: Such a declaration may have been all that was needed to bring about a separation. As seen in the pre-nuptial agreement above women kept their own property. If they had had means of their own when marrying, they could continue an independent existence, otherwise they might seek their parents' help: The Workman Horemwia says to the Citizeness Tent-desheret, his daughter: You, my goodly daughter, should the Workman Baki cast you out of the house that he has made for you , as for the house Do not abandon a woman of your household when she has not conceived a child.

The man had moved in with her bringing his sleeping mat and headrest, some food and a few odds and ends. The woman ended the cohabitation on her own terms, and the man complained: And they threw me out, although she had not made for me even? I went again with all my property in order to live with them.

Look, she acted exactly the same way again. Today I have released you from being my wife. I am separated from you. I have no claim whatsoever on you anymore. I shall not have the right to prevent you from entering any of houses you will enter, saying: Written by Horudja, son of Nes-hor-pakhered.

You have made me your wife today. Should I leave you as my husband and choose a man other than you, then I shall give you half a silver kite from the treasury of Ptah, of full value, from this one kite of silver from the treasury of Ptah, of full value, which you have given me as my wife's gift mentioned above, not having any part in anything and everything in this world I shall have acquired with you and without going to court in this world In order to prevent injustice from occurring, testaments were sometimes written, attested by witnesses and agreed to by surviving children of previous marriages.

I bequeath to the Citizeness Ineksenedjem, the woman who is in my house, all that I have acquired with her, namely, two male servants and two female servants, total 4, and their children. This is my two-thirds share in addition to her one-third share. And I bequeath the nine servants which fell to me in my two-thirds share with the Citizeness Tathari to my children, as well as the house of my maternal grandfather now in their possession. They the children shall not be deprived of anything that I acquired with their mother.

I would also have given to them from what I acquired with the Citizeness Ineksenedjem, but Pharaoh has said: As for what he is doing, who can argue with him? It is his own property. Let him dispose of it as he wishes. In a society such as the ancient Egyptian, where many people lived close to the subsistence level much of the time and depended on relatives to survive, a little ill-will on behalf of a stepmother for instance could have dire consequences.

Nehsi, a Middle Kingdom overseer, wrote to Kay how Senet, Kay's daughter, was in danger of starving because her stepmother prevented grain deliveries to her: You will cause her i. Behold, I know now the nature of my father's wife. Kay follow the wishes of your wife by killing my household? Couples were frequently buried in the same or in adjacent tombs, and depicted together, their statues showing them in a somewhat rigid embrace , jointly facing an uncertain future in the hereafter.

The sadness from having one's partner die on one may have been alleviated somewhat by the thought, that one continued to have an ally who still had one's interest at heart. On the contrary, the point is that he should be against the idea itself. If he is, that is a sign that he can understand how to properly love and care for a woman because his awareness can understand loyalty and devotion.

Even if he is a Muslim he should not like that notion of 4 wives. The truth is, marrying 4 wives is basically legal cheating. And it is a very cruel thing to do to a woman no matter all the fancy justifications or possible reasons for it. Would an Egyptian man like it if his wife was married to 3 other men even if it was allowed or there was a good excuse for it?

No way; his heart would be shattered and broken. Does he tend to get jealous if you speak to or have male friends, or does he get frazzled if you speak nicely and give friendly attention to other men around him? He will want you to have male friends and he will want to elevate your life and freedom not constrict it.

The truth is it is about control and jealously. A smart man knows that if he properly treats and loves his woman, she will not flirt with others and will remain loyal; even if other men flirt with her, she will not respond back in that same manner. He thus should not get frazzled if you go out for lunch with another man.

It is slightly taboo to do that in Egypt but in other countries it is fine. So test him and be sure he knows you have male friends too. If he takes an interest in your male friends and becomes friends with them too, well that is a very rare Egyptian man. It is all about control and jealousy. Show more interest in you wanting to stay in Egypt and carve out a life together with him. Even if you have to slightly lie, this still can be an important test to determine if he truly loves you or just wants a marriage only to gain foreign nationality.

The truth is, if there is strong devoted love between two people, where you live — even temporarily — makes no difference, you just want to be with each other. Also, a very good life can indeed be carved out in Egypt. It is a false notion that only a good life can be found overseas. Incomes are of course different. But the truth is I have more chances at living like a king here in Egypt than I do in my country of birth. Humbleness is the key to being spiritual and religious, not indoctrinated know-it-all assumptions.

Humbleness might manifest like this: Humbleness is a rare quality. That is why no Muslim can accept when you tell them that Prophet Muhammed wrote personal letters to Kings around the world stating that Jesus is God in the flesh.

One of those letters is in St. Tell a Muslim man this and he will always reject it because he cannot humble himself to the truth that he and others including religious experts might be wrong about what they know or have been taught. Men are not perfect and do indeed make mistakes and deserve chances. And if you are paying out money too fast too many times at the start of the relationship….. I do not agree with most of what this man has written. I have been married to an Egyptian man for many years, and while some of what is written here is true, especially about Hurghadian men, most of it is not.

I have been communicating with a man for 9 months who says he is from Taba but he works in Hurghada for 12 years. He is younger but professes undying love for me. My observations and intuition tells me he is lying that is why I am researching now before I travel there to meet him in person. Just curious if you ended up going. I am pretty much in the same situation but not pushing it as I too believe he is lying. Did you ever use Skype or just chat? I was married to an Egyptian man for nearly 35 years.

I recently divorced him, because finally I realized that this man was an extreme Narcissist and would never change. We have three children that I raised almost single handedly. My ex-husband led a double life and hardly ever worked and was always terribly unsupportive: When I fell ill he accused me of attention seeking. In recent years he has brewed up a new story: This is a strange story. From my long experience with Egyptians I find this pattern of usage and abuse time and time again.

Egyptians are usually very complicated personalities…. I was married to one also before. Divorce after a year. He was from Germany. Isolated case maybe, but girls out there, be careful with this narcissist. Better to leave sooner when we found it out. Your comment sounds like it could have been mine. I was married for 35 years to an Egyptian man. We had 3 children whom I raised singlehandedly.

He was a control freak and Dr Jekyl Mr Hyde character. He made our life hell. I agree with what the writer off this article states, I have had a relationship with such an Egyptian Koptic man for 5 years, he was from Heliopolis, Cairo, well educated, he had all the good qualities the writer mentions.

It was me the spoiled western woman who ruined the relationship,a few years later on I started to realize what a good person he was and I regret till this day, 18 years later on, having ended the relationship. He is married now has two children, I live together with another man for 14 years, but honestly I wish I could turn back the time.

I red all the comments here and its very clear to me that this is not about the race this is men in general. I have suffered the same situation but his not even an Egyptian. But there is one thing I will say and have observed Arab men are just defensive,jealous and self controlling because I do believe its the culture its not who they are.

You know that there history is somewhat always about war etc. And another thing is we all know that usually women have no voice in this countries so in there nature and how they are brought up Women have to do anything.

But this will always depends on how us women want to be treated by men. If you let him treat you like trash eventually he will but if u let him know that i would not be disrespected nor stepped then everything will be all good. Just remember the key to a Biracial Relationship is communication ,Acceptance and Understanding.

I agree with most of the above comments, negative or positive. And I thank a man for caring about female feelings! This can apply to most mediterranean and middle-eastern men unfortunately.

Arab women have it just as hard, if not harder! To all the women out there, you can learn a lot by observing how their female counterparts behave. It is important though to be yourself with all your flaws and make it clear who you are, you might scare him away by testing your personality with him, and him leaving you will actually be the best thing that could have happened to you. Above testing, there is something that works each time. Hi, after reading your comment it sounds very much like my situation.

And if his name is Karim by chance? Is yours from Cairo? Mine is soooooo awesome.. Hi Sarah, I met someone by the name of Karim and I am older too! He goes by Tomas and is from Aswan. I met him on the Nile after getting off a cruise ship. Please let me know! He professes that he is in love with me and wants to marry me and live with him in Egypt.

He seemed intelligent, patient and an attentive listener to what i have to say. He seemed genuinely interested in what I have to say all the time. I told him if I do agree to marry him and live with him in his country that I would want to work and earn my own money to which he readily agreed, i can do anything i want as a long as it would make me happy.

Too good to be true. I am still on the fence if i should believe or not, let alone allow myself to fall in love with him. After reading some horror stories of women marrying Egyptian did not help one bit. I have tried these test everytime we talk and so far everything seems to check out.. I am also seeing an Egyptian guy and we the same situation. He has all the nice trait and character a woman would fall in love with but I also have this feeling that it is never going to lasts and I have been preparing myself that somehow we are going to need to break up in the future.

I met an Egyptian Guy in a chat room. He told me he wants to marry me, meet my family and to meet his family, he said he does not have much to give me. I told him I want his love, honesty and loyality. I have a very good job and a lot to offer, but I notice the last few days he has not been himself. His texts is short, and I text him a day ago he has not responding back. I was going to meet him in August because I would be traveling for Business i ask for time off at my job.

I do not know if he disappear, to soon to tell my friends told me to soon to tell. They think I should call him and ask what is going on? I am not sure what to do. It is Ramada so i know he is busy he did not want me to come there while Ramada was going on he said to come after. I do not want to chase him neither. I need help with this. Stay home…you have no idea of this culture! Hey I had the same exect experions like you this summer. Did he write to you again? But he continued with sweet words to me after that, and juat from a few days ago, he stoped acting like himself… like he was avoiding talking to me.

For exemple he text me, then i write to him, and he responds 6,7 hours later or a day later… that could NEVER happen before… before he would always tell me if he will be offline for a couple of days. Now i am so cobfused cause i dont know what happened.

I think maybe he got bored of my suspicious behavior with him. But he agreed for us to stay friends. Cause i also know that he has another account. I found out about that. OMLands…same story, same timeline. I thought it was the change in monitoring the internet.. He has become very distant and tightlipped with everything…sheeze…not sure what to think.. I also have come to the conclusion that this is a repressive culture…so am really rethinking all this.

Hi engirl I can identify with your story. I met my husband in Dubai in and married in He came to join me in UK in the autumn of and we had 4 happy years here together. He could be childish and selfish sometimes but I put that down to his upbringing and cultural inexperience. He did have some mood swings that made me question things sometimes and changed somewhat from when we were first together but I excused it as he was so kind and loving and easygoing in many other ways. He was immaculately clean although not very tidy, but respected our home and was always so well groomed.

He liked many western things and I couldnt believe I could be so happy. However in he just left saying he could not take family pressure anymore and he was going to agree to their demands for him to marry an Egyptian girl that they would introduce.

He got on so well with my family and friends, everyone loved him. So for him to just give us all up is so hard to take and understand. Good luck with your troubles ahead. I maried Egypia men in ,all his family knowed me.

He coming live to Ee,to me. We had 2kids and 2times in years we go visited his family in Egypt. He was have god job in Europe,but he never put money to our family. He sended all to help his family. After 7years life in Eu,one day he kidnapped my boys to EgyptI am 3 years dont have any cotact with them and i so hard make evyryhik by eg. Directly after kidnapped,he maried.

He told my boys,I am die. In my bad situation a lot men by net, FB,write me ,will help me take boys,but all just want money from me. I am not rich,ut eg. Al woman what i kw,unhapy after maried eg. In my situatin,one men tell,he will help. We try a lt thinks get my boys. In this sitati we stat have love etween. This time i was divrced wih ex husband.

My friend frm Cairo,ad have educatin,he brink me to his family and lie them, he maried me. She ae take boy go to America and stop contact him. He want we make paty,amily want ,r eiewe i am his wie,wihtout any papers. Everyk i must puy. His father make him in rouf flat. I was plan live wih him i Egypt an with my soons. I renta money from bank in my counry and i menage flat. Family was so nice wih me….. Beore 2 mounths i was miss Eur from my voilet and he make probem with me in steet,how i can be stupid and lost.

NOw i understnd,i didnt lost. Some one from his lovely family,open our door by key and takeiStart big problem,family play,like so angr i told some one stiler me. He more time beat me,was so nervous men,caled my and my amil v dirthy words. He have high shool. I runig to my country and i dont know what now i can do. I was puy everythik,including food. He wrie me this end,retun me rig,cuch my photo. Have some body her help me,what i can do. He told me come tke you furniures,but u canot come,send egyptian.

All facture i mahe under my name…but what now. Someody think,this wAs any love here?? I will stay in egypt,i can go 1times in years to my couty. But now is end,he blocked me in phne. I want minim my money back. My 2 expeience so,so,so bad. Hi, I met a coptic egyptian man online. He is now living in the UK. He is divorced, his wife and doughter now live in Jordan.

I must say the cultural things frighten me. Please, please, any piece of advice will be really helpful. I ended up marrying with a abusive man.

Not that i am going to meet another man soon or a egyptian man, but this i will keep In mind so i dont find myself ending up with a jealous control freak again. Hi all I have a problem I was married for 3 years to an egyptian man, last year we had planned for me to move to egypt but a family member was diagnosed with cancer and I postponed move.

I have come to terms with this and realised he could not have loved me enough to wait. My problem is he still keeps in touch and sends sms almost every day asking how I am. Have any of you had this happen to you? And how did you deal with it.

We had both lived here a number of years before we met and got married and were both accustomed to the local culture before we started our relationship. Earlier on in our relationship, I noticed some if the negative characteristics some of the other commenters here mentioned. I knew some of these characteristics to be common among some Egyptian men, as my best friend had dated an Egyptian for a number of years, and so approached the relationship with patience and a bit of caution.

As our initial attraction developed into genuine love, I became more comfortable expressing my feelings about the things that bothered me, and to my delight, not only was my man receptive to what I had to say, he was happy that I was sharing my feelings with him honestly and he made genuine attempts to compromise on the the things that bugged me after I explained why.

Coming from two very different cultures, we had a number of barriers to overcome, but with both of us willing to do our part to be understanding and explain why sometimes do things the way we do or think the way we think, our relationship developed into one of mutual respect, admiration and profound love and over time, his jealousy has subsided greatly. Although I once felt he might not be capable of seeing things from my point of view, he now puts my feelings and needs before his own—always.

The relationship we have now is what I have always wanted—loving, passionate, understanding and fun. I have a great and respectful relationship with his family and he with mine and we both understand the different expectations of our cultures and adapt accordingly.

I think a lot of these things are important regardless of the relationship at hand, but we definitely were faced with more potential roadblocks given our different cultures, religions, languages and expectations of male-female relationships.

We were also very fortunate that both of our families were very accepting and supportive of our relationship. His family welcomed me with open arms and showed me nothing but complete kindness and warmth from the start. The bottom line is that we both put in the effort to make things work, we communicate with each other in healthy ways and, in the end, we both want the same things out of our relationship and life together. Yes, there are certain tendencies that many Egyptian men have that American women might not be so used to, but I think the same holds true in reverse.

If both halves of a couple are willing to be open and understanding, a relationship with an Egyptian man can be a beautiful thing. I would like to share my experience with you, or with the future victims of egyptian men!!!!!

Some of you can call me racist! Yes I became racist after they made me feel this way! I am currently still married to an egyptian bastured and monster with a baby and seeking divorce!

My experience is this, I ve met my husband 5 years ago in canada he was a Canadian citizen already back then, and I am too! But he convienced me that he was divorced!!! I have read all the other stories and most of them are similar, even mine!!! And they all have things in common, which made me convinced that egyptian men have a path they have learned as they have a book they are following or have a formula. They all have the same tricks and they master how to abuse and torture a woman with no mercy or guilt!!!

Same path when it comes to physical violence and hit even a pregnant woman, which have happened to me many times when I was pregnant!!! But I promise you that is a very intersting story! Although Christian my family practiced many of the same conservative cultural practices people may associate with Islam, such as women and girls covering their heads and segregation of the sexes for certain events and worship.

Likewise my family is extremely conservative and strict by western standards. I met my husband online as many of these women do, however we did not meet under the premise of a dating site or relationship-we met under totally random circumstances via humanitarian work that I do and became very good friends nothing more for either of us, at least initially , we are the same age, both college educated, and from similar family values. Sexual relations even under the false pretenses of an orfi marriage were off limits prior to marriage, he went to my family both to express his genuine love for me, and to ask for my hand in marriage, and we have a wonderful, amazing marriage and he is the most amazing man I ever have met; there are many decent and praise-worthy Egyptian men out there, unfortunately I must say honestly, I do not think the majority of women on these boards are dealing with them.

My husband was appalled At the number of Egyptian young men marrying older foreign women at the ministry of justice!! Most of these men will not get clearance for a visa, and if they do, they are not realistically able to make a go of life in a western country poor education, Poor English, lack of cultural awareness etc. I caution women thinking of this fairy tale story to take a long hard look at the situation before acting.

I can tell you Intracultural relaironshops are very complex in the best of circumstances as is immigration to a new country, I know this as my mother was born in the USA but raised in Syria, turkey, Iran, and the USA and my father immigrated from Palestine the year I was born, and there is no easy adaptation to such a drastic change in culture. Here in the west it may be acceptable to have sex prior to marriage even in relatively strict upbringings-I can promise you, it is not there!!!

PleSe women excercise extreme caution and do not fall into these love scams. Granted there are certainly some true control freaks in the mix, but mostly this is just a difference in cultural norms and expectations.

Arab men tricking or manipulating foreign women into marriage or just using them for money and sex. Available for further discussions. One thing I am really scared of is that after wedding he will be able to take my daughter away and that his mum will want to keep her in Egypt.

But he told me not to worry, they would never do that as she is not a boy. He makes sexist jokes quite frequently but it was very encouraging from him..

Be extremely Careful of this criminal from Alexandria, Egypt. He is after older wealthy or successful women!!! Here some of his several Facebook pages! I have Egyptian boyfriend, and now we are in almost 1yr in a long distance relationship, we have plan to get ;married after im coming back dubai bcoz we have a son with me now,.

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