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Without further ado, here are the biggest graphic design trends for GET THIS INFOGRAPHIC TEMPLATE (Click here to jump back to ’s graphic design trends.) 1. Multiple brand color schemes. Traditionally, companies have a few colors that they use across all of their branding and design work.

They can still have that element of silliness that GIFs are known for. This way, you can do something new and exciting but still stay close to your core values in other places. Light and dark colors combine to achieve a unique pattern, perfect for both men and women. Flat Top sunglasses are one the best sunglasses for men. As kids, we thought this was the best way to make your report on dinosaurs look professional.

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Discover ’s latest clothing trends from fashion's top designers—and see how your favorite celebrities are wearing and pairing their perfectly chosen Discover the latest clothing trends from InStyle, including inspiration from celebrities and trendy outfit ideas from experts in fashion.
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Get the lowdown on the latest modern bathroom design features and the best new looks & designs for bathrooms; from modern shower rooms to baths and fittings.

Your content could be great but it will never get the chance because you picked a bad featured image. They attach a face to almost all of their tweets. Instead of a generic stock photo, you see a friendly and luminizing face, from the person who wrote the article, shining back at you.

This is not only a great branding play, it also humanizes the company as a whole. As we have seen so far, is the year of taking risks in your design. One of the best places to start taking risks is in the colors that you use. Instead, be ready to inject some more risky colors in your design projects this year.

Bold colors are the most common driving force that we have seen behind each of the design trends this year. Instead, I recommend going a little off the rails with the colors you pick—within reason. This way, you can do something new and exciting but still stay close to your core values in other places. They are in an extremely competitive space, fighting with thousands of sports writers for your eyeballs. But they consistently use bold, bright colors in their designs to differentiate their content from those others.

Because they do it so well, you can quickly spot a Bleacher Report article or Tweet out in the world. With each issue, they are fighting with thousands of competitors to get the attention readers. With the simple addition an interesting color—or five—they made each graphic much more captivating. You can definitely see this in their color usage lately as well: I have talked a few times before about being to spot something from Spotify just from their non traditional color usage.

What makes you a good graphic designer? Another way to add some eye-catching features to your designs is to use some bold or handwritten fonts. This is another trend that seems to come from the design world, moving away from boring minimalism as a whole. Bold and handwritten fonts are going to stand out against the simple or overused fonts that your competitors are using. They are definitely fans of bold fonts, however what they are not fans of is winning apparently.

Now, instead of looking at more examples who only use bold or handwritten fonts, I thought it would be interesting to find ones that effortlessly use both. They may actually be my new favorite company in Across their site, they use bold fonts in their graphics or text, which looks great: And when you jump over on social media, bold handwritten fonts take over: But neither feels out of the ordinary for a brand like Adidas.

Everything they create and share feels natural because they have created such a strong visual brand over the past few years. I believe that this adoption of ultra bold and handwritten fonts coincided with their plan to become a more fashion-forward brand. That choice has helped really sell the mystique of these new type of shoes they are creating. Another incredible example of using both bold and handwritten fonts together comes from Adobe: And I could not be happier.

This movement started to take form last year with the rise of hand-drawn illustrations and icons. But these illustrations and icons will become even more unique in , as brands look to differentiate themselves even more. No one else is going to be able to replicate that, especially with a stock image.

So instead of using a boring photo, I would recommend creating some custom graphics. As a tech company that caters to gamers and techies, those icons fit them perfectly.

I mean just take a look at their homepage: Now, instead of following those rules, designers are making their own. If you need help there are also many free online graphic design courses available. To the one-of-a-kind illustrated images in InVision blog posts: And all the places in between, like in this year-end report from First Round Capital: If you are looking for something that looks a little more like art, I would check out the examples from Slack below: These are incredibly interesting designs to look at, and they will stand out from the riff-raff of social media.

Additionally, when someone takes this much time and effort to create a featured image, you know the content is going to be good. They are able to use the image to make a first impression with their audience almost instantly.

People are looking for more authenticity in all parts of their digital life and this is a great way to appeal to that. Instead of using a bad stock image, use an awesome illustration or icon.

One of my favorite things to come out of the internet—maybe ever—are GIFs. I use them on a daily basis to communicate with my friends and coworkers. They are perfect little ways to show how you are feeling. They are also used by your favorite hip brand to show they are still cool. But in your GIF usage as a brand or company needs to be taken to the next level. Most people would also recognize a GIF as the reaction ones we are all so fond of. But they can be used for so much more.

Like as infographics that actually add to your share or article in a meaningful way. One of the best examples of using GIFs in this manner comes from the sports world, actually. Those updates stick out more than a simple text update would.

They may not be the most breathtaking GIFs but they help people keep track of what is going on. It helps foster a conversation with their audience and that should be one of your goals when using GIFs this year. Another way to use GIFs this year is to replace your featured images and blog headers. Like in this one from Axios about nuclear tax credits: They can still have that element of silliness that GIFs are known for.

And here is another similar one from UX Planet: If you can create and share GIFs that marry those three ideas together nicely, you will be set in Cinemagraphs are basically GIFs or videos that have been completely frozen, except for a tiny area of subtle movement. But cinemagraphs are going to continue to gain ground in Especially with more design and tech-focused companies in the world.

The subtle changes in the stars may not seem like much, but they definitely add a little something that people will stop and take a look at. Cinemagraphs are less obtuse than a GIF or a video, and can still be used in all parts of your marketing or design work. Because of that somewhat subtle movement, I believe that they are more eye-catching than a video or static image.

Plus they can be little works of art that bring customers to your post or share. Now we will see designer take a whole new approach. It will be intense, innovative and beautiful. As we have seen in previous years, most of the innovating will be done by the top tech companies. They are the ones that have the bandwidth, money and talent to test a bunch of ideas to see what works best. Remember, is all about taking risks!

Over the past few years, many tech leaders used muted, safe and easy to digest colors. This was in an attempt to create a very clean and controlled design scheme. It was almost an attempt to show people that the sleek, functional future they have seen in science fiction movies was already here.

But now that everyone and their mom have seen this design style work for Apple, the copycats have killed the power it once held.

Now, in , there will be a shift away from neutral colors like whites, grays and black, to bolder and brighter colors. Some companies are already doing it and have been for a while, like the music wizards over at Spotify. In fact, they are already leading the pack, using bold colors mixed with professionally edited photos to create in-your-face designs. This kind of color usage has become part of their brand, which means that their images are instantly recognizable.

And when you are fighting for real estate on social feeds, powerful branding like this will help you win Some companies will be adding just a bit of color, and it will make all the difference. Using bold color accents will also help many brands cling to their minimalist roots. By infusing bright colors with traditional neutral backgrounds, companies can give their branding a fresh new look without straying too far from what made them great. For example, we already saw this type of redesign from Instagram a few months ago.

This simple redesign helped bring them into a whole new era and unified all of the different apps under one color.

And just like with Spotify, this type of bold color usage is recognizable across the web. Their design language focuses on flat, organized, and intuitive design. Actually, a lot of the things that will be trending in are influenced by the adoption of the Material Design principles. We took their advice when designing this graphic to promote a new ebook.

It has been an insanely popular featured image! Big and daring fonts will be used to grab the eye. One of my favorite examples of this would have to be Wired. They use a mix of fonts to emphasize individual titles and establish a hierarchy of information on the page. Just take a look at some of the examples from their homepage below: They make sure the text is front and center, with the graphic used as support:.

HubSpot know that the time we allocate to digest a tweet is nearing zero each year. They combine concise, punchy copy with bold fonts to capture your attention. Additionally, the shift to mobile and extremely high definition screens will also increase the need for bold fonts.

Obviously, more and more people will be using their phones to get content, and the way that content is presented will need to keep up. Buffer uses strong headers in the body of their articles, not just at the beginning, to give them a backbone and make it easier to read across different devices. I would recommend using this approach to help people navigate long reads, no matter the screen size. We also took a similar approach, when creating this infographic template. Mixing bold font choices with interesting colors to create an eye-catching graphic: I have been using Google Fonts for a while now because they are so versatile.

If I need to design one thing online and then add it to my slide deck, I am confident the fonts will work together. And they play nice with about every website you build. Oh, and did I mention most of these different fonts are free to use? Yeah, people like free. And they like things that are insanely easy to use.

Like this example that uses a mix of a few popular Google Fonts: As the amount of content created each year continues to increase, the need for quality images has increased as well. And to maximize the shelf life of some of these images, the creators have had to make them as generic as possible. The beautiful Keen frame is unisex so if you are looking for some oversized glasses in clear , this is the best choice.

You can also get it in a trending transparent honey shade, which will look great on light, pale skin tones. Keen square eyeglasses frame in Transparent Honey. Add a touch of color to your clear glasses for extra boldness.

These amber-faded oval frames will look incredible on a petite squared face — not to mention that oval glasses are one of the hottest silhouettes of the moment. Soho glasses frame in Amber Fade — available here. Black rimmed glasses are one of the best choices for day to day wearing since this non-color never really goes out of style. Bold black glasses are also a great accessory for formal outfits, such as white shirts and black suits.

Hill rectangular eyeglasses are great for professional men who are looking to change their look. Hill Eyeglasses — Get yours here! Roosevelt glasses — Get them here! Exclusively for women, we recommend a black cat eye frame such as the Mulberry. Mulberry Cat Eye Eyeglasses. When you wear gold, you are making a statement.

Razz Gold Eyeglasses — Get yours here! Simple and straight to the point. The Firm metal glasses. A variation of the distinctive tortoiseshell trend, marbled eyeglasses frames tap into the uniqueness of mixed-color acetate frames, with bold patterns and color combinations. Hazel is a strong unisex frame , with a square shape and slightly rounded angles, that fits round, oval, healiprt- and diamond-shaped faces.

Hazel marbled acetate glasses — See here. Hazel frames in Cinnabar — see here. Light and dark colors combine to achieve a unique pattern, perfect for both men and women. Half-frame marbled shades are a bit more sophisticated and will add a delicate finishing touch to your outfits.

Stellar eyeglasses with marbled half-frame — see here. Square frames go best with oval , round and heart-shaped faces. Ritzy eyeglasses in Cranberry Splash and Rose Noir. Zelda marbled eyeglasses in Belize Blue — see here. You can see that the marbling technique is different, but the bold, unique effect remains visible. Luella rectangular frame in Tahitian Pearl. A brown or nude-colored rectangular frame is ideal if you want to tone down the brightness and wear these marbled frames with any outfit combination.

Though versatile, this angular frame for women is a definite conversation starter. The red glasses trend with its variations, be it pink glasses or purple glasses is mostly destined for women. IT Red Eyeglasses — Get yours here! Madison Pink Eyeglasses — Get yours here! Pink glasses are cute and playful and are best fitted for a younger woman, such as a college student. For a bold fashion statement, we recommend a more radical red cat eye frame, from our latest collection.

Red ultimately gives you a sexy and mysterious look. Doll burgundy cat eye glasses — See them here! As we enter the new season, violet shades will be everywhere.

After all, ultraviolet is the color of the year, so nothing will be hotter than a stylish pair of purple eyeglasses. Chassis ultraviolet glasses frames — Get them here! Swell frame in Indigo Tortoise. Natural and neutral colors have a certain unassuming beauty that makes them stand out without even trying.

They bring brightness to your face. Light brown is a versatile color, easy to match with a large variety of outfits. The Roosevelt round eyeglasses in Marmalade left and Bearcat right. For the bold glasses wearer, light yellowy shades that remain within the warm neutral palette are all the rage. The round Roosevelt eyeglasses have a soft honey glow and are ideal for men with square and diamond-shaped visages. The Roosevelt round eyeglasses — get them here! Nude is a new expression of skin color and can have many variations depending on preference.

In general, it is composed of a wide palette of beige hues. Choose a warm nude color to counterbalance any pallor in your cheeks, or go for darker, brownish colors to give your face more definition. Baby Grand eyeglasses — Get yours here! For those with a prominently tanned skin, the best recommendation is the Elizabeth nude cat eye eyeglasses with black spots and yellow accents.

The frame colors are gradually built from top to bottom, starting with a yellow skin nuance and going all the way to the spotted beige browline. Elizabeth glasses in Coffee and Cream left and Prince right.

Elizabeth cat-eye eyeglasses — Get yours here! The organic texture of wood is appealing thanks to its rugged look and instant associations with nature and the outdoors. Although wood is not a suitable material for making glasses , acetate frames with a wooden finish are perfect for recreating the look.

Billy B Round eyeglasses — Get yours here! Round brown eyeglasses in a wooden finish will complement people with a light skin color. The formal look makes them a good choice for men and women who wear glasses on a regular basis in a work environment.

Hell K glasses in Wenge Wood — get them here. Big Cheese glasses for men left and Owl right. The Roosevelt in Striped Cognac — see more here.

The round Swanky frame achieves a similar effect with a striped gradient and deep wood colors. This frame is perfect for men and women with all types of faces, except round.

Swanky round eyeglasses — Get yours here! Bright colors and pastels can do wonders for a spring or summer outfit — not to mention the youthening effect they have when paired well with your skin color. Choose a bright color combination when you want to capture the attention and go for complementary hues to highlight your eye color. Brunch eyeglasses frame — Get yours here!

Brunch pastel frame for women — see more colors. A toned down hue is easier to match with day-to-day outfits, so this pastel pink frame is a no-frills alternative. The tortoiseshell arms give a wonderful contrast and look elegant in combination with the translucent pink shade.

Keen oversized eyeglasses frame — see here! If aviators are your go-to style, then the Fairbanks frame is your best option. This unisex frame with gold and light teal accents is bold and fashionable, and it can be made into a prescription frame on request. Fairbanks unisex sunglasses frame — see more colors. These quirky cat-eyes have a pleasant light green glow and a refreshing vintage -inspired silhouette.

As you can see, there are plenty of trending options when it comes to choosing the most fashionable glasses of the year. Available for both men and women , semi-rimless frames are both fashionable and practical. Vint and York Fitzgerald Eyeglasses in black — Get yours here!

Vint and York Fitzgerald Eyeglasses in tortoiseshell. Hotsy Eyeglasses — Get yours here! They are suited for both men and women and we recommend that you wear them in a study or business environment. They are a great fit for creative people. Coffee House Eyeglasses — Get yours here! Hipster glasses are for both men and women and should be worn with stylish outfits that underline your creative personality.

Get the Keen Eyeglasses here! Aviator glasses and sunglasses have long been a favorite of eyewear enthusiasts. The much-loved aviator silhouette is no longer just a sunglasses staple. Recently, more and more original aviator eyeglasses styles have popped up, in both old-school metal and colorful acetate shapes. Fly Boy Eyeglasses — Get yours here! Available for both men and women, aviator eyeglasses can be worn with prescription lenses or in plain form. You can use them as a stylish accessory to up your outfits and complement your facial features.

Snazzy Eyeglasses in Black on Crystal. Snazzy unisex aviators in Amethyst — Get them here! Coquette Cat Eye Eyeglasses — Get yours here!

Cat eye frames are sexy yet serious and contour the image of a decisive woman who knows what she wants. Contemporary colors and subtle color details add a style boost to your favorite frames. Try them in a trendy beige, subtle green or unique honey stripe. A see-through or clear cat-eye frame is an alternative design that combines two of the hottest eyewear trends of the year. Damme clear cat-eye frame.

Damme clear squared cat-eye frame — available here. An alternative and more subtle cat-eye frame, Doll comes in Jade Green and it is sleek and elegant — ideal for re-creating vintage outfits and imbuing your look with that olden charm.

Doll Eyeglasses Frame — Get yours here! Santorini Round Glasses in Tortoise Blue — see them here.

From fashion week coverage and the best dressed stars on the red carpet, to what's chic on the streets and trends to watch out for this season, the ELLE editors give you behind-the-scenes access to everything that's fashionable. Discover ’s latest clothing trends from fashion's top designers—and see how your favorite celebrities are wearing and pairing their perfectly chosen Discover the latest clothing trends from InStyle, including inspiration from celebrities and trendy outfit ideas from experts in fashion. The June mobile trends cover new apps, smartphone designs, the evolution of emojis, anti-distraction devices, and more. Especially noteworthy is Under Armour’s HOVR Phantom sneakers, [More] 14 w ago. Top Tech Trends in June From .