40 Ways to Make Black-and-White Work for You – Trendy outfit Ideas

Black and white sweater, white shirt, black pants This is such a ladylike look for fall and winter. And the thing is, the sweater alone would’ve looked really drab.

You will have a dramatic look.

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Works well for a retro, folksy look. Don't forget plaid accessories. Your outfit is more than your top and bottom garments. Wearing plaid accessories is a great way to give a burst of color to outfits that are dying to look a little more vibrant. However, remember that it's not a good idea to wear more than one piece of plaid at once unless the pieces match exactly. Possible plaid accessories include: Try a loose or fitted flannel shirt. Women's flannel shirts can offer a wide range of fashion possibilities depending on how they fit and how you wear them.

Pick the style that gives the impression you want to broadcast to the world! Loose plaid shirts tend to appear more "rugged" and casual. Try pairing one with a band T-shirt or an old tank top for a grungy sense of style. You can even wear men's shirts and let the tails hang below the waist for a "boyfriend" look.

Fitted plaid shirts and blouses tend to appear more "put-together" and professional. These are great for a semi-casual look at the home or the office. Tie a flannel around your waist for a splash of color. Love your plaid shirt but can't figure out how to work it into your outfit? There's no rule that says you have to wear it as a shirt.

Try tying it around your waist as a sash or belt to add a line of bright color to your outfit that attracts attention to your waist. As an alternative, you can tie your shirt in a loop and wear it diagonally across your chest or tie the sleeves around your neck like a sweater.

Pair with Capri pants for casual chic. This easy look is fantastic as an "anywhere" outfit. Pair it with a set of a clean yet casual shoes like flats for a touch of refinement or try sneakers for spunky style. You may want to keep jewelry and flashy accessories to a minimum with this outfit. These sorts of additions can clash with the casual aims of the rest of your clothes. Dress things up with leggings and accessories.

It's also easy to use plaid to give the opposite impression. Try wearing a fitted plaid tunic or dress over a pair of dark leggings. Then, wrap a scarf or belt around your waist and add a few gold accessories, such as necklaces, bracelets, or earrings, for a touch of class.

Finish it off with a pair of fashionable heeled boots. You'll have red carpet style on a fraction of the budget. Use a plaid skirt for a "schoolgirl" look. No one's too old for this playful yet traditional outfit. Start by picking a plaid skirt with muted colors like navy glue, forest, green, or a neutral color.

Then, pair it with a plain white button-down shirt for simple elegance. Wear a pair of black knee-high socks and throw on some simple black flats to complete the look. Spice things up with plaid accessories. Women have tons of awesome options when it comes to plaid accessories.

Look for a plaid handbag, scarf, or belt at your favorite outlet. Then, for maximum impact, add the accessory to a simple plaid-free outfit that only uses solid prints like to a white t-shirt and jeans. The contrast between the accessory and the rest of your clothes will naturally make it an eye-catcher. Some famous labels, like Burberry, offer iconic plaid patterns on their accessories.

These are great, but you don't have to spend lots of money to get this look. The visual contrast is what's important, not the price tag.

Use traditional plaids for a lumberjack look. When it comes to plaid fashion for men, the idea of "ruggedness" is a popular one. To get this rugged, masculine look, pick a long-sleeved flannel shirt in traditional colors, like red and black or gray and black.

Wear it with your most comfortable jeans and a pair of hiking boots. That's all you need! White or black tees are the perfect undershirts for this no-frills outfit. You can even try showing off a hairy chest by wearing a tank top — if you're going for the lumberjack look, you might as well flaunt it!

Use light-colored plaid shirts for lighthearted charm. Brighter plaids aren't just for women. Bright plaid flannels go good with a tee shirt and jeans or shorts for a casual beach-bum look. Alternatively, pair a bright plaid dress shirt with a pair of khakis or grey dress pants for a bold, semi-formal outfit.

Sport a pair of plaid shorts. Depending on their fit, a pair of plaid shorts can have a wide range of effects. Try picking either a baggy or fitted pair of shorts depending on the situation. Baggy plaid shorts usually give a more casual, relaxed impression. Pair with a fitted tee or a solid dress shirt for best results.

Fitted plaid shorts usually give a slightly classier impression. They're still more casual than pants, but they're more connected to "upper-crust" sports activities like golf.

Try pairing with a solid-color polo. Try a plaid tie. Sometimes a small amount of tie in the right place can make a big impression. If you only want a subtle hint of plaid in your outfit, put on a plaid print tie the next time you wear a suit.

The pattern will liven up your style without looking too tacky or overdone. Both neck ties and bow ties work well. However, plaid ties aren't usually appropriate for especially formal events.

Be sure to use a subdued, solid-color shirt under the tie. Patterned shirts can make your upper body look very "busy" when paired with a complicated plaid tie. Use a very subdued pattern for plaid suits. Using plaid patterns for suits is do-able , but only if the plaid pattern is a subtle one. Suits that are bold about their plaid patterns are a relic of the s. They can be visually distracting at best and can make you look like a game show host at worst.

Pick plaid suits with very thin, subtle stitching and neutral colors to play things safe. As a general rule, if a plaid suit looks like a solid color suit until you get close to it, it's probably safe. This is worth repeating. One of the very worst things you can do with plaid is to wear lots of it.

The best plaid outfits generally have one prominent plaid item. Outfits that do use multiple plaid items generally have them matching exactly and use neutral tones to keep the plaid from overwhelming the outfit, but even this is a difficult feat to pull off. Pairing two different kinds of plaid in the same outfit is almost always a bad idea. With the complex, interlocking patterns of the plaid and the many colors involved, it's almost impossible to get the two items to match.

Even if you do, the effect can be overwhelming. Avoid plaid for formal events. Though it isn't always outright informal , plaid isn't usually considered especially dignified. There are usually much better choices for dressing respectfully. Unless you've been given special dress code instructions, it's better to stick to a suit, tuxedo, dress, or gown for events like weddings, funerals, and so on.

A good rule of thumb is this: Don't pair plaid with eye-grabbing colors. For the same reason that it's a bad idea to wear multiple different kinds of plaid, you won't usually want to wear plaid along with bright colors either prints or solid colors.

For instance, pairing plaid with neon-colored fabric is sure to make your outfit an over-complicated eyesore. Boho, without a doubt, is a big look right now.

That makes it extra Bohemian! Would you prefer to chill out in something casual? You can with a black and white graphic tank and a pair of lounge pants. This particular outfit is great for work.

For a dressier occasion, a little black dress and white jacket is more than suitable. This dress is too cute for words! You can wear it on a date, a wedding or on an outing with your family.

Your mom will thing you are super adorable in it. Maxi skirts are great for a couple of reasons. For one thing, they are super comfortable. And another is you can wear them for a dressy or casual occasion. Plus, they come in all colors and prints…like this chevron one, for example.

No white after Labor Day? Whomever it was is missing out on how awesome it can make them look when a pair of white distressed jeans are paired up with a black sweater.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. They must of have been looking at a picture of a pair of black and white shoes that are just like these. If you put a black blazer on over it along with some fitted jeans, no one has to know that you got ready in less than five minutes flat. This bright cardigan takes this outfit from slight bland to close to super summer ready. Do you have a formal event coming up?

The ruching on this strapless white goal will definitely make you the belle of the ball. And with some black accessories? If the grunge look is more your thing, this outfit shows you how to do it in a way that still has a touch of femininity to it.

Life is a party!

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